Nick Voss can't keep a job. His boss told him if he took off to audition for 'X Factor,' he'd be on the unemployment line. "My boss said, 'If you go, you're fired. I said, 'So fire me,'" he revealed before his performance. Then, while onstage, he told the judges that he had a job at the airport but got fired for dancing instead of directing traffic.

He sang 'Trouble' by Elvis Presley, and while his voice was not the strongest, he was a mobile, solid entertainer who could sing and dance and at the heart of it, this show is about entertainers. He was the first hopeful to excite the judges at the Miami auditions.

Voss, 21, looked a bit like 'American Idol' Season 10 resident rocker James Durbin, with pompadour hair and '80s split side burns. He was unique and throwbacky, mixing the mania of comedian Jim Carrey with the hip shaking swagger of Presley. It was certainly unique, according to Paula Abdul, while Simon Cowell proclaimed, "Nick, I absolutely love you." L.A. Reid pointed out that while Voss' singing was thin and left something to be desired, he was the whole package and can entertain.

He was the first of the Miami batch of auditioning contestants to move forward.

Watch Nick Voss Sing Elvis Presley's 'Trouble' on 'X Factor'