What does a superstar artist do when seemingly the entire music world begins to copy his style? He leaves it behind. That's what dubstep-influenced EDM star Skrillex does on his new song, the appropriately-titled 'Leaving.'

'Leaving' eschews Skrillex's signature dubstep wobble for moody electronics and distorted voices atop mild percussion clanging, resulting in a chilled-out listening experience that glides along without building up to any sort of climax. That may let down some fans, but Skrillex definitely needed to push his music in a different direction after everyone from Pitbull to Taylor Swift began incorporating elements of the sound.

The song features no vocals aside from a voice repeating its title over and over. Maybe we're reading too much into it, but 'Leaving' and its somber tone could be a reflection on his split from former girlfriend Ellie Goulding.

The new track is the title cut from his latest EP, which just dropped this week. While we're not 100% sold on the laid-back style of the song, we like that Skrillex is willing to move beyond the formula that brought him mainstream success. He probably won't sell a million copies of an album full of songs like 'Leaving,' but it's a pleasant musical detour from the norm.