Emmie Lichtenberg (@emmieshouse), professional BFF, hosts a web series called Slumber Party, which aims to revisit the simplicity of adolescence -- long before the terrible, searing pain of the adult world comes crashing down, in all its bill-paying, dish-washing horror. And what better way to do that than with the help of a celeb or two?

In the show's latest episode, Emmie sits down with UK-based singer-songwriter Kate Nash to discuss projectile vomiting during a childhood sleepover (very on-theme for the show), explain some British slang and engage in a lightning round, where Nash is forced to pick the better of two options — a decision that proves impossible to make when Kate is asked to choose either Britney or Christina.

Emmie's had other celeb guests on the show with her in weeks past as well, including Melanie Martinez of The Voice/Cry Baby fame, as well as Betty Who, whose debut album Take Me When You Go was one of 2014's best pop releases.

Check out Kate Nash on Slumber Party @emmieshouse up top!

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