Bernadette Peters makes an appearance in the teaser for next week's episode of 'Smash,' stopping by to catch the workshop performance of Marilyn the musical. Peters plays Ivy's mother, who arrives just before the performance to watch her daughter in the starring role.

Peters' character says she doesn't want a fuss, but the director gives her a formal introduction anyway, while Ivy looks out nervously from behind the curtain. Ivy proceeds to sing 'Let Me Be Your Star' while the musical's creators and other observers look on.

Ivy is trying to prove that she has recovered from last episode's breakdown. Karen (Katharine McPhee) stands quietly in the background, but as the scene ends, the setting is changed to an actual Broadway stage, where Karen is now in the lead role. The teaser doesn't offer much to go on in terms of tying up last week's loose ends, so we'll have to wait to find out whether Julia and Michael or Ivy and Derek end up hooking up again.

Peters, a two-time Tony winner, is expected to make recurring appearances as Leigh Conroy. 'Smash' airs at 10PM ET on Monday nights on NBC.

Watch the 'Smash' Teaser with Bernadette Peters