Just a few months after Adam Levine performed on 'Saturday Night Live' as the musical guest with Maroon 5, the rocker is back to host the show. If the promos released today by NBC are any indication, expect a heavy dose of dry wit and comedic references to 'The Voice.'

Levine teams up with 'SNL' star Bobby Moynihan in the clips. In promo No. 1, Moynihan jokingly asks Levine what his next goal is after appearing on the show as both musical guest and host. Adam immediately responds, "Sleep with a cast member." "That is a very firm guess," replies the surprised actor, who then leans in for a kiss before the scene ends.

In another clip, Moynihan ties up Levine and forces him to turn around in a hilariously poor duct-taped imitation of a 'Voice' red chair and say, "I choose you, Bobby." In later promos, the two guys create a fake 'The More You Know' message about alcohol and find themselves entangled when they try to simultaneously spin around in their 'Voice' chairs, because the chairs have been placed too close to each other.

Levine's 'SNL' gig takes place live at 11:30 pm ET this Saturday, Jan. 26. Rapper Kendrick Lamar will appear on the show as the musical guest.