Justin Timberlake celebrated his fifth time hosting 'Saturday Night Live' last night (March 9), serving as the musical guest as well. He brought back one of his popular characters, while former A-list cast members joined him for an all-star ep, as did his 'Suit & Tie' collaborator Jay-Z.

While the host isn't normally in the opening skit, JT was, portraying Elton John paying homage to late Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez, glittery blazer, big hair and all. He also delivered the "Live from New York ... it's Saturday night" line! Since it was his fifth time as host, it was only right for him to be involved in the initial skit.

He delivered his star-studded monologue in a suit, but without a tie, enjoying his newly-obtained membership in the five-timer club, wearing a smoking jacket with fellow five-timers like Paul Simon, Steve Martin, Chevy Chase and Martin Short. Dan Akroyd was there, but only as the bartender. Alec Baldwin, easily the funniest modern host next to Timberlake, and Tom Hanks also participated, as five-timers. Candice Bergen was the sole female in the club. It was a classic skit that incorporated many generations of the show.

For the 'It's a Date' skit, Andy Samberg returned so he and JT could reprise their roles as the d-bag, 'D--- in a Box' dude bros who boast well-manicured chin straps and who live to hump anything that moves.They competed with Martin and Akroyd as Two Wild and Crazy Guys for a bachelorette's affection.

The 'Lake reprised the classic 'Omeletville' skit with 'Veganville,' playing a tofu mascot with big, white Mickey Mouse hands, battling with the dude from Sausage Depot. The tofu's best musical number saw him singing "We found love in a meatless place," set to Rihanna's 'We Found Love,' of course. The skit ended with 'The Vegan Shake.'

JT also introduced himself when he took the stage as the musical guest, performing his new smash 'Suit & Tie' with a '50s, Rat Pack setting and demonstrated some of the most swagtacular and faboosh (to borrow a phrase from the blinged out contraceptive commercial earlier in the ep) dance moves we've seen all year. Jay-Z, a New Yorker, showed up to deliver his rap part, in a suit but with several layers of chains instead of a tie. It seemed like foregone conclusion that the Hov would make an appearance, since he is local.

JT also responded to the Kanye West diss, changing the lyrics to "My hit's so sick / Got rappers acting dramatic." Zing. JT, 1. Yeezy, 0.

Timberlake also played the titular character in 'The Tales of Sober Caligula,' the historical figure known for his sexual proclivities.It was certainly an R-rated skit and why it was placed later in the show. The 'Lake even had to stifle giggles while delivering his lines.

He played a bailiff in 'Maine Justice,' essentially 'The People's Court' in Bangor, Maine, where all the residents played Southern Yankees who talked and acted like they were actually in New Orleans. Samberg pulled double duty as the defendant in the case.

The Three Amigos introduced him for his second song, in costume and all. He turned the heat up with 'Mirrors' as his second musical number.

JT also starred in a trailer for a rom com -- which are the types of movies he did while he took that six-year hiatus from music -- in which he finds the perfect woman. Or so he thinks. Surrounded by one of the cast members playing Eugene Levy as a father character and Kenan Thompson as the confused black friend, JT was the lead in 'She's Got a D---.' Brill.

And then there was Ricky VIPenis, the feminist porn star whose former gym teacher told him he'd never do porn at age 12. There were a few mentions in this skit that probably got the show fined. We won't say too much, other than a horse was mentioned.

The sole bum out was the fact that Jimmy Fallon didn't pop over for a reprisal of 'The Barry Gibb Talk Show' with JT.

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