Poor Paula Abdul. For the second week in a row, her "Groups" category was in the hot seat and hanging out at the bottom of viewer voting on 'X Factor.'

While the judges thought all-girl, pop-country quartet Lakoda Rayne turned in a riveting performance and loved the Stereo Hogzz and their well-choreographed grooving the night before, the court of public opinion was quite the opposite. Poor Stereo Hogzz, too! This was their second week camped out in Almostvotedoffville and they were eliminated at the end of the episode. Bum out!

Abdul was so visibly and painfully torn between her two "kids" that she actually tried to abstain from casting a vote, which would have meant that the Hogzz would have gone home based on judge's majority, since L.A. Reid and Nicole Scherzinger had already voted to keep Lakoda Rayne. So she cast her vote for the Hogzz in order to give them a fighting chance, like a good "mom!" Simon Cowell broke the tie and sent the Hogzz home, reluctantly, because he thinks the ladies have more potential.

Upon elimination, the Hogzz said they felt blessed to get as far as they did. Class acts, that's what the Hogzz are. We're sure we'll see them again.

Cowell has said that the "Groups" is the most difficult category for viewers to connect with, since there are so many people on the stage and they can't quite zero in on one performer or one voice.

Well, we have to admit that the Stereo Hogzz, who performed Michael Jackson's 'You Are Not Alone' for the save, heeded the judge's advice and elected a clear leader for the R&B group. We're not sure of his name, but his voice was the most distinct and the most featured, so he became a point of focus, allowing the harmonies to sound crisper.

The lovely Lakoda Rayne performed a sugary and shaky version of Jordin Sparks' hit 'No Air' for their save. They were a bit out of key and off-time. Hey, it's a high-pressure situation to sing-for-your-life on live TV with $5 million and a Pepsi commercial at stake. However, when they sang in unison, the harmonies were off key. Ain't no thing, since the foursome is comprised of pretty and talented ladies. They made it through to next week, questionably so.

Now there are 10...