YouTubers, Superfruit, decided to put together a medley of pop songs, performed as though they were done ala Broadway. Not only do they seamlessly blend three of our favorite current radio hits ('Blank Space' by Taylor Swift, 'Jealous' by Nick Jonas and 'Break Free' by Ariana Grande) but they got Broadway actress Shoshana Bean in on the act.

It starts out with Mitch and Scott (playing Michelle and, well, Scott, respectively) sitting on a couch, noticing each other and starting off with 'Blank Space.' Then when Shoshana sees the two of them getting close, she manages the most perfect transition into 'Jealous' that we've ever seen. We're almost mildly embarrassed that we didn't think of it first. The lines, "I get drunk on jealousy / I feel so jealous," lend themselves so well to each other that we were pretty sure the performance had to have peaked there.

But then it somehow got even better. The trio goes into a fantastic conclusion with 'Break Free,' telling a story with hardly any dialogue other than the lyrics present in the songs they chose. It's some seriously fantastic work, and we definitely wish there were a studio version. Check out the video above and let us know what you think!