Swedish House Mafia's video for 'Antidote,' their new single with Knife Party, is intense and violent, and, depending on whether you are watching the clean or explicit version, you'll get a real eyeful of nudity. So what does the superstar DJ trio think of the clip? According to Axwell, "It's fun for the whole family!"

MTV caught up with SHM following their stint at Madison Square Garden, where they opened up about the clip.

The video opens in a Japanese strip club (the clean version opens outside, but quickly takes you in). The camera moves throughout the club, and soon it takes you into a bathroom -- where you learn that the video is styled after a first-person shooter video game. The first-person perspective has garnered comparisons to Prodigy's 'Smack My B---- Up.'

"What I like about that video is that it feels real," Axwell said. "It's a part of a movie. Something's going on there that's really dark."

In both versions, the protagonist -- "your character" -- is a man with a creepy mask (in the explicit version, he also has a gun), but is otherwise well dressed. He exits the bathroom with some partners in crime and begins shooting. Strippers scream, dirty old men are terrified -- but it's hard to see exactly what's going on at times because of the slow strobe lights and, in the clean version, the cutting to images of dancing girls. The effect is an intensified the fear of both the known and unknown for the patrons.

The clean version has less detail and a happier ending, but the explicit version is worth watching if only for the shock value of the story: People start shooting back midway through the video, but miss; one of the lead character's female cohorts gets a bullet to the head, a Lady Gaga lookalike appears in back alley -- and an escape doesn't go as planned.

The clip was directed by BB Gun films, who have previously worked with Kid Cudi, the Roots and J. Cole. "Great guys," Angello told MTV about BB Gun. "[We] gave them free creativity to do whatever they wanted to, and they did. They delivered. They ran with the idea and it's crazy."

Angello sums it up well. "It's nice, it's scary, it's f--cked up."

Watch Swedish House Mafia 'Antidote' Video (Clean)