House music trio Swedish House Mafia turn into racing dogs in their latest music video, 'Greyhound.' The guys stage the competition in a Burning Man-like remote desert environment for the benefit of several mystery guests wearing elaborate costumes.

The video opens with shots of the guests driving into the desert and stepping out of their vehicles into the sun, where they're served glasses of Absolut vodka (hello, product placement!) Swedish House Mafia are shown standing in a dark room, where they put on some sort of laser-light virtual reality headgear.

As each member puts on the contraption, corresponding robotic greyhounds magically form in the desert. It's clear that each member represents one of the animals. Just as the instrumental dance track picks up the pace, the event begins and the dogs are off to the races.

The observers stare down the race and each other with a frightening intensity as they silently root for their favorite. Each DJ does his best to push his greyhound to the finish line first, but in the end it looks like a three-way tie. We don't know how the observers handle the draw, because the video cuts to a shot of the vodka bottle and fades out. The lack of a definitive outcome has us wanting a sequel. We need a resolution!

Watch the Swedish House Mafia 'Greyhound' Video