Though they performed on Friday the 13th, there was no bad luck evident for Swedish House Mafia. Set to lasers, a Ferris wheel and a roaring crowd, the trio took to the Coachella 2012 stage and blew the audience away.

The mix artists were barely visible, clad in black on a stage lit only by faint blue stage lights and flashing lasers. When we do catch a glimpse of the DJ masterminds, they're visibly enjoying themselves, dancing along to their own beats behind their booth. The real stars of the show aren't onstage, anyway -- it's the Coachella crowd dancing their behinds off in the audience and setting the festival site aglow with their cellphones who create the visuals.

That is, until the climax of the song. The track begins to fade into a descrescendo, but comes back with a literal bang -- and fire! The group takes a collective bow, followed by individual ones (and a salute), making their exit a memorable one and taking the spotlight in stride.

Watch Swedish House Mafia Perform 'Save the World' at Coachella 2012