K. Flay's music encompasses a range of indie, hip-hop and electronic beats, so when we asked her to pick her top five must-see artists at this year's SXSW, we pretty much got a mix of the same, which is kind of awesome.

Flay started experimenting with beats and listening to indie rock when she moved out west (from Chicago) to attend Stanford, where she earned degrees in psychology and sociology. Since then, Flay has released more than a handful of EPs and mixtapes, most notably 'West Ghost' under RCA in February 2013.

Check out K. Flay's list of Top 5 'Can’t Miss' SXSW acts below, and be sure to see her live in Austin!

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    I am mildly obsessed with this band.  'No Waves' has legitimately been on permanent repeat in the van this tour -- it's the perfect blend of slacker apathy punk and it goes very well with Sugar Free Red Bull.

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    RECOMMENDED TRACK: 'White Noise' Feat. AlunaGeorge

    The electronic scene in the U.K. is crazy right now and Disclosure are one of my favorites. I missed them play in New York, so I wanna see them in Austin. Plus, THEY ARE BROTHERS. I love sibling music.

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    MØ is badass. I know a lot of her music hasn't been released yet, so i'm super curious to check out a live set.  also, 'Glass' is the jam.

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    French Montana

    RECOMMENDED TRACK: 'Freak's Feat. Nicki Minaj

    This might seem like a curveball, but my band and I listen to a lot of French Montana. Maybe too much. Although maybe [there's] no such thing.

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    The Neighbourhood

    RECOMMENDED TRACK: 'Female Robbery'

    I've known these guys for a bit and their live show keeps getting better and better. I love bands that brood, and these boys are very good at brooding.