Rapper T.I. is back and he sounds invigorated on his new post-jail single, 'I'm Flexin'.' Produced by Mississippi rapper Big K.R.I.T., the self-proclaimed King of the South hasn't lost his step as he spits a double-time flow over the piano and electric-guitar driven track.

T.I. hasn't lost a step despite being locked up for 11 months. Over three verses, the Atlanta rhyme-spitter makes it quite clear that not a damn thing has changed since his release. "The A is mine, no questions asked / The king [is] home, b---h the best is back / My swag is turnt just like my sack / I'm flexin' shawty who's stopping that?" he raps.

'I'm Flexin'" is the first of many songs T.I. has recorded since his release from a halfway house on Sept. 29. He's already jumped on Young Jeezy's anti-hater song, 'F.A.M.E.' and according to his Twitter, Tip has recorded verses for Jay-Z and Kanye West ('N----a in Paris' remix), 2 Chainz ('Spend It' remix) and Ke$ha ('Sleazy').

As for 'I'm Flexin',' this is clearly a street banger and instant radio hit for the Rubberband Man. T.I. is simply on his A-game and and is poised to regain the rap throne. Ladies and gentlemen, the King is back!!!

If you love 'I'm Flexin',' you can purchase it here.

Listen to T.I., 'I'm Flexin'' Feat. Big K.R.I.T.