T-Pain's new stadium-ready anthem, 'Best Love Song,' is heavy on the AutoTune, but would you expect any less? In the video for the song, featuring Chris Brown, a hot, tattooed, blond chick has an encounter with both men in the beginning. No, it's not Pain's fake girlfriend Kesha, either! They want her attention, but she doesn't seem interested.

Both musicians are definitely trying to pick the hot honey up, but she's not having any of it. The ensuing footage is of a T-Pain and Chris Brown live show, as Pain plays with a band and is rocking out so hard that the concert attendees are nearly blown away by his live firepower.

There's a split screen of Pain, Brown and said pretty blond girl, who is the object of both of their affections and watching them both while enjoying herself in the crowd. They are both trying to impress her from the stage, as she dances, thus upping their performance ante. They know she's watching, so they are inspired to perform at an even higher level. T-Pain is even seen knuckling down on a guitar, since chicks dig dudes with guitars!

However, T-Pain nor Brown end up with the girl in the end, as she walks away, clutching the hand of a dirty, bearded rock dude. Foiled.

Watch the Video for 'Best Love Song'