T-Pain is a busy man. As he tries to narrow down the final tracking for his new album 'rEVOLVEr' -- which is due out at the end of September -- he tells The BoomBox: "I literally have seven albums done."

"By the time I choose when I want to release it, I've recorded so much more that it's like I got to replace this song with this song because this song is not as good as that," T-Pain says about his wealth of material. "I'll go through something; something can sneak on or I meet a new artist that I can do another song with. I'm just taking stuff off and putting new stuff on."

T-Pain plans for '5 O'Clock' to be the next single, as it features a sample of Lily Allen's 'Who'd Have Known.' He reveals that "it's an 'I miss you' song."

Sex also factors into the lyrical mix for T-Pain, who said, "I just have sex all the time, so that's what is on my mind when I'm writing, so it's kinda hard not to write about sex." He would not, however, talk about his recent rendezvous with pop singer Kesha, where the two were tweeting sexually suggestive statements to one another!

T-Pain also said he is hoping that Pitbull will be featured on the party anthem 'Give It to Me.'

T-Pain laid the blame about the album's delay squarely on his own shoulders, saying, "I'm just really going in hard on myself, and everyone that's around me," he says. "I've always produced 100 percent of all my albums, so now using other people's production -- like Yung Fyre -- it's taken me time to adjust. I'm still not letting anyone write for me, so that's even more of a challenge -- writing to other's people's music. It's a lot going on that's keeping the album back, but this is gonna happen real soon."

He adds: "I think I'm in a good place right now. I was real depressed when I toured all the time. The songs weren't coming out good; everything was about killing myself, a lot of songs that should probably not be heard. Now, I'm happy with what I'm doing. I'm in a real good spot."
Like anything worth having in life, it's worth waiting for. This adage applies to T-Pain's new album, too!
About the gap between releases, he said, "The longer it gets in between then, the better my album has to be."

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