Jessie J

With an irresistible mix of electro-pop and R&amp;B, English singer-songwriter Jessie J rose to fame with her hit single, “Price Tag,” in 2011. The song appeared on the pop star’s debut effort, <i>Who Are You,</i> that same year, which also produced the super-catchy bonus track and single, “Domino.” Her work won the songstress the Critics’ Choice Award at the 2011 Brit Awards. Jessie J kept her unbelievable momentum going in 2013 with the release of her sophomore effort, <i>Alive.</i> In 2014, the singer dropped her third full-length, <i>Sweet Talker,</i> which featured hit single, “Bang Bang,” and the inspiring ballad, “Masterpiece.” Jessie J’s remarkable career also earned her a spot as both a coach and mentor on <i>The Voice U.K.</i>

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