LL Cool J

LL Cool J’s Beatboxing Not Good Enough for Nicki Minaj
Nicki Minaj has made a habit of outshining fellow rappers since releasing her first mixtape, 'Playtime Is Over,' in 2007. Her impressive prowess on the mic forms the basis for her new Grammy promo with hip-hop legend LL Cool J, who's hosting the ceremony -- but can't quite keep u…
Taylor Swift and LL Cool J Get Catty in Grammy Promos
What do you get when you combine Taylor Swift and LL Cool J? A wonderfully surprising comedic duo! Swift and LL recently teamed up for a series of hilarious Grammy promos -- Swift is nominated for three awards and is scheduled to perform, while LL will host the show. In the clips, the country cutie …
Taylor Swift Teams Up With LL Cool J for Grammy Promo
With the 2012 Grammys just a few short weeks away, everyone is doing their part to ensure that things flow smoothly. This past weekend, Taylor Swift teamed up with host LL Cool J to shoot a promo commercial for the big event, and the evidence was captured in a very telling photo.
LL Cool J, ‘No More’ Feat. Ne-Yo – Song Review
It's been a long time since we heard any new material from rap icon LL Cool J. The Grammy Award-winning artist is currently getting his acting on as the star of CBS' hit show 'NCIS: Los Angeles.' As part of Tuesday night's (Nov. 15) episode arc, LL created this rap ballad &a…

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