Flame-haired R&B singer Taylor Beckham shares her name with two pop stars: Swift and Victoria, respectively. But she was nothing like either on her blind audition of 'The Voice' tonight (April 1) and inspired both Usher and Shakira to "fight" over her.

The singer, 17, hails from Texas. She was a gymnast training for the Olympics as a youngster, but she lost her passion for it, citing music as a better way in which to express herself.

Beckham even admitted that she needs a coach to help her get on the right path, and called her audition harder than any gymnastics meet. Gabby Douglas and Missy Franklin, she is not!

For her audition, Beckham sang the Mary J. Blige-popularized 'I'm Going Down.' She was nervous and pitchy in the beginning, but Usher instantly felt her passion and dedication, and he turned around immediately, since he confessed that she sold him on the song from the beginning.

While she was singing, Usher was mouthing the words back to her from his big red chair. Shakira also turned her chair around, and revealed she, too, was a gymnast, and that she has been in Beckham's position, so she had a lot to offer as a coach!

Beckham's take on blue-eyed soul -- more like red-haired soul- was wise beyond her years. Her voice was dreamy.

She ultimately choose Usher, who knows a thing or two about teenage talent, having found and fostered that Justin Bieber dude!