Taylor Swift admits she is trying to live a normal life under abnormal circumstances: the celebrity fishbowl. While the thin-skinned singer avoids reading her own press at all costs, even if she does catch wind of something that hurts her feelings and knocks her on her rump, she has two very good girlfriends she can cry to: fellow singer Selena Gomez and actress Emma Stone.

In her Access Hollywood chat, Swift, looking resplendent in red, said that Mission: Critical is keeping in touch with her besties no matter how crazy their lives or their schedules get. They've had stuff change in their lives, but their friendships have stayed the same. That means they're rock solid.

So who does she turn to in certain moments? In a breakup, she'll call Stone. And then write a song! We speculated about the latter, but judging from her catalog of hits, we don't think we're wrong about that assumption.

Who does she text or call for career advice? Gomez, which is wise, since she's in the same professional position. For fashion advice, she calls her friend Ashley.

Swift also admits that she ceasesd seeking out media reports about herself, since it drove her cray cray. She found herself wanting to correct every erroneous fact she stumbled upon and to eradicate the gossip. The untruths got to her, and despite the fact that she could hire a team of publicists to deal with media misinformation, it still got under her skin, thin as it is.

"You sort of have to realize that your fans know who you are and what you will and won't do," she said about how she conquered that neurosis, accepting that her fans would never believe nonsense like that she went commando or cheated on her boyfriend with a member of his family.

She has elected to let the gossips gossip and she'll make music. Good choice, since 'Red' is on pace to sell over a million copies this week, making it by far the biggest first week sales tally of 2012.

Swift may not be tough enough to handle gossip, but at least she has good girlfriends that can support her in her darkest hours!