Is it time to issue a new couple alert, based on a tattoo? Rumors have exploded that Taylor Swift has quickly moved on from her ex Conor Kennedy – so quick, in fact, that we bet she didn't have time to write a song about it -- and is now dating her 'Everything Has Changed' collaborator Ed Sheeran.

The singer-songwriter recently tattooed the word 'Red,' which is the title of Swift's million-plus selling new album on his arm. You can see the new artwork to the left.

America's sweetheart and the British ginger kid? An international, super-talented couple? Could be!

Sheeran shared a photo of his new ink, which is Swift's album title in thick, scarlet block letters, via Twitter. Sheeran worked on the album, so it is close to his heart, and perhaps that's why he felt compelled to put it on his person. But is Swift also converging on that sacred space known as his heart? They'd be such an adorable and odd power couple. She could bake pumpkin-flavored goods for him and he could write songs about her. Together, they could post YouTube videos of them chillaxing at home with her beloved cat Meredith, sharing the footage with their hordes of fans. Jeez, we're already fan fictioning this romance to the hilt.

At least Sheeran didn't get the words "Taylor Swift" tattooed on his bicep, since that would be the kiss of death.

Rumor is they are getting close .

We'd thoroughly endorse this romance, even if it might feel like a rebound. Sorry, Conor!

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