A world tour is never without its glitches, just ask Justin Bieber. Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran were performing a duet on 'Everything Has Changed,' a tune they penned together, at the Prudential Center in Newark, N.J. when something went a little haywire.

Swift and Sheeran are consummate professionals so we're sure they were not happy that their technical glitch threw their duet out of wack. However, you can tell T. Swizzle was giving Sheeran a look like "What the hell, man?!"

The two meet for a quick word in the middle of the circular stage and discuss what the issue was and Ed still sung his part, but you could tell something was not right.

Swift definitely had a sense of humor about the mishap, saying to the audience, "Live shows, ladies and gentlemen! Give it up for Ed Sheeran playing even though his ears went out!" She's, of course, referring to his ear piece that allows him to hear Taylor and their guitars. Such is life!

The two recovered quite nicely, once again displaying that these two are professional performers, nothing can ruffle their feathers!