Taylor Swift is here to answer the most important question on everyone's minds: Who would win in a fight -- Ed Sheeran or Sam Smith?

Speaking to CapitalFM, the "Style" singer explained that in the (physical) battle of Ed Sheeran vs. Sam Smith, the redheaded crooner would come out on top. (Side note: Taylor also straight-up referred to both of her pop besties as "fluffy, adorable things." This is crucial.)

"Ed could beat anyone in a fight, just 'cause he's like a little street urchin," she revealed. "Only sensitive when writing songs, but in a conversation about competition or anything -- scrappy."

As for who will the win at the 2015 BRIT Awards tomorrow -- Ed and Sam are facing off in four categories -- it seems like Taylor thinks Sam Smith will score big.

"We're talking about the BRITs," she explained. "It's Sam's year; he's having an amazing year. I love him."

Still, she's totally rooting for Ed Sheeran too.

"Ed's one of my best friends, so I want him to win something, too," she said. "I think they're both gonna win stuff, right? In a perfect world, we would accurately reflect what has been happening in the world and in the U.K., which is that Ed and Sam are both killing it."

Truer words have never been spoken.

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