Oh. Snap. If new rumors are to be believed it seems as though the short-lived romance between Harry Styles and Taylor Swift was a set up!

A writer named Louisa Jepson is alleging that the T. Swift/Harry Styles relationship was a total hoax. Quite the allegations! In her biography on Styles, titled 'Every Piece of Me,' Jepson says One Direction's management pushed the romance on Harry so he and his other band mates would gain notoriety when the two pop stars eventually split. That is cold-blooded! And we're really hoping it's not true.

The author also alleges that Styles tried to hop in bed with one of his friend's moms. While it's been no secret that Harry has been linked to older women (Taylor included), the claims in the book seem embellished and outrageous. The author supposedly talked to Styles about this motherly romance and he said, "She was asleep and she woke up when I got in, so I just ran down the stairs. She had a robe on, but I don’t know if there was anything on underneath."  We're gonna go out on a limb here and say that Jepson has been reading too much '50 Shades of Grey' fan fiction.

So, if these allegations about Harry and Taylor are true, (we're really guessing they aren't) was Taylor in on the plan or was she lead to believe Styles really liked her? Either way, bad news for all involved! We're just hoping these allegations are completely and totally baseless...

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