We're loving this season of NBC's 'The Voice,' so when we asked ourselves 'What could possibly make it better??' we couldn't think of anything good enough. Then it was announced that Taylor Swift was guest mentoring on the show, and we finally had our answer. In a clip released today (Oct. 22), Taylor continues to prove just how likable and down-to-Earth she really is.

The clip opens with Taylor sitting in one of the judges chairs, when she asks, in totally-earnest-Taylor-fashion: "... Are we on camera now? Where are they!? This is terrifying! Do you guys have drones??"

Her deadpan brand of humor -- something we don't see from Taylor too often, though we wish we did -- is on full display, especially in response to country star Blake Shelton. He says: "I'm known for my sweetness," to which Taylor responds sarcastically, "I'm known for my dancing." Her delivery is totally on point and it has us seriously cracking up.

Judging from this preview, we can't help but think that there's no one better suited to mentoring the contestants as Taylor appears to be super friendly and supportive. She goes on to joke with Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine, saying: "He has a degree in interpretive dance."

One of the contestants sums up the entire clip perfectly when he tells Pharrell and Taylor "You guys are both so charming. If you get too close you're gonna create a vortex, like a singularity of charm." We couldn't agree more!

Catch Taylor on 'The Voice' -- AND be sure to buy '1989' when it drops -- on Monday, Oct. 27!

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