Yes, Taylor Swift and Cara Delevingne both dated (or were rumored to have dated) Harry Styles, but this poll is about a whole different kind of style: eyebrows. Both Taylor and Cara have emulated the bold brow look -- whose do you like better?

Taylor Swift's standout brows were the focal point of her Wonderland magazine cover. While her bronzed skin and darker, slicked-back locks helped to make the 'Blank Space' singer look drastically different, it was her thick, brown brows that totally transformed her look. While we're used to her thinner eyebrows, we love that T. Swift wasn't afraid to make a bold fashion statement with her thicker brows. So stylish.

Cara Delevingne's bold brows are part of the supermodel's signature stunning look. They're just a few shades darker than her caramel locks -- the perfect hue to make them stand out, but not too much. Cara's brows are beautifully arched, perfectly accentuating their thick shape and highlighting her face.

Whose bold eyebrows do you like better? Cast your vote for Taylor Swift or Cara Delevingne below!

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