Taylor Swift covers the March issue of ELLE in a mod, geometric and lemon yellow dress. With her formerly curly hair blown straight and cut in angular layers, she is chic and sleek. It's one of her most sophisticated covers in, like, ever.

With her hands on her hips, Swift strikes a fierce pose, doesn't she? She has a model's height and this cover takes advantage of that feature.

The image was posted here.

For a woman who just got dumped -- AGAIN -- in quite a public fashion, Swift sure looks amazing. That dress is so fashion forward, and we're happy that's she's ditched the wannabe First Lady looks that marked her summer. She was dating a Kennedy for a few minutes, so we understand her fascination -- or fashionation! -- with political chic.

But this edgy dress is so flattering.

In case you missed it around the holiday season, Swift covered ELLE Canada on two festive covers. Check out how pretty she looked.

We are looking forward to seeing the full spread and reading the feature. The interview may have taken place before the Harry Styles split, so she may not touch on it specifically.

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