Taylor Swift and co-star Zac Efron made a lucky lady's day. ABC Family hostess Valery Ortiz got to hang with 'The Lorax' duo on the set of a promo shoot for the network and tweeted some shots for fans. Are Swift and Efron as sweet in real life as they seem in the spotlight?

You bet! Ortiz raved about both on her Twitter account. "Love meeting celebs who r down 2 earth & live up 2 y there fans love them so much. @taylorswift13 & Zac r that! : D." We're happy to hear she dug them! She elaborated, "They're both really sweet." She also impressed one fan in particular. "My niece thinks I'm the COOLEST person! Got 2 hang w/ @taylorswift13 n Zac E. Taylor is a great role model 4 girls!" Sounds like Ortiz got starstruck!

The pair were promoting 'The Lorax,' due in theaters March 2. Efron plays Ted, the protagonist, who is smitten with Swift's character, Audrey. When Audrey tells the lovestruck Ted, "What I want more than anything is to see a living tree,” it sets the story in motion -- Ted seeks out a tree for his crush and meets the furry title character, voiced by Danny Devito, who tries saving forests from destruction.

'The Lorax' isn't the only film role Swift has in the works. Rumor has it Swift was offered the role of Eponine in the film adaptation of 'Les Miserables.' We can't wait to see Swift (and her redheaded animated self, Audrey) light up the silver screen!