Back in October, EDM duo The Chainsmokers (Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall) released their debut, five-track EP entitled Bouquet, three of which have already received the official music video treatment ("Good Intentions [feat. BullySongs]," "Roses [feat. Rozes]," and "Waterbed [feat. Waterbed]").

Today, the band has released the video for the EP's fourth single, "Until You Were Gone (feat. Emily Warren)," which is a collaboration with Austin-based DJ duo Tritonal (Chad Cisneros and David Reed, both of whom also appear in the video). The video is in a similar vein to The Chainsmokers' previous efforts (especially "#Selfie" and "Waterbed"), in that the band makes no attempts to be anything other than their goofy, endearingly blundering selves.

The video begins with the four guys waiting for a Soul Cycle spin class to begin, as they ogle the very attractive female instructor. They spend the class trying to not-so-discreetly crane their necks around other cyclists to catch a glimpse of her and then leave doused in sweat (the thirst is real, both literally and figuratively). What happens after is a series of scenes in which each guy creeps on the girl in a different location, and none of them end well.

First, Chainsmokers' Taggart stalks the girl around her neighborhood, ducking behind cars and watching her through binoculars as she walks her dog. Taggart executes some "smooth" moves and just happens to run into her as she turns a corner. His reward? Her dog pees on his shoe.

Pall follows suit and stalks the girl to an outdoor yoga session and spends more time staring at her ass than he does improving his forward. Downward dog quickly turns into "down on the ground" dog as Pall's thirst causes him to miss a pose.

Afterward, we see Cisneros caressing a picture of the cycling instructor on his laptop, hugging it to his chest, and spinning around his bedroom overcome with love for his obsession (the intentional hyperbole should be more than clear by now).

Finally, the scene quickly turns to Reed cutting out the girl's face from a pile of photos that are way too personal (family, celebrations, possibly boyfriends) for him to have acquired with permission.

In the end, she snubs them all for her actual boyfriend—someone tall, dark, handsome, and considerably less creepy than any of the DJ-producers/stalkers.

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