R&B hit-maker The-Dream returns to his old stomping grounds in Atlanta in his new video for 'Ghetto,' a track from his digital-only album '1977.' In the clip, The-Dream, under his real name Terius Nash, rides through his Bankhead neighborhood on his bike with the local kids and performs outside of a seafood restaurant.

The synth keyboard-driven track sounds like the singer-songwriter's metaphorical take on the current state of R&B. Apparently, The-Dream treats the genre as his ex-girlfriend who's pining for his old groove thang. "She wants that old thing back / That ride it like a pony / That 'get up in the morning and put it on me' / She's so horny, she wants that old thing back," he sings. Then he warns his competitors, "There's only 1 No. 1 / Those other n---as are my sons / And you can never be like me, you can never do it like me."

Near the end of the video, The-Dream teams up with Big Sean as they pose in front of a red Ferrari and flaunt their gold Jesus piece necklaces. The Detroit rapper is more literal with his wordplay as he tells his seductress, "Girl, you working like you need assistance, tippin' / Girl you workin' like you need a pension / Bent that thang over, let a n---a pinch it / Rich n---a s--t: I could put you on a boat / Popping champagne, now you look like its Big Pimpin'."

The-Dream's 'Ghetto' video was directed by the Motion Family, which recently developed B.o.B's video for 'Epic' featuring Playboy Tre and Meek Mills.

Watch the Terius Nash, 'Ghetto' Video Feat. Big Sean