Cameron Mitchell, who kind of looks like a guy version of Taylor Swift, waltzes into 'The Glee Project' with his Texas-sized nerd-itude in hopes that his confidence will lend him to a spot on 'Glee.'

Cameron, a 21-year-old Texas boy, is a natural musician with natural talents, and hasn't taken any classes to hone his skills. He's an artist in his own right, and doesn't care who is judging him as long as he's being himself. "When I sing or when I perform, or when I do a funky dance, I'm not technical, I'm not trained, but you know, I'm not afraid to look like a fool every now and then," he admits, before busting out the 'Stanky Leg.' He adds, "I consider myself a pretty big nerd, and that's something that I embrace whether it's my style or my songwriting."

In addition to his talents, Cameron has certainly honed his hipster/nerd chic style, but it's passion that will guide him to the finish line when he competes against 11 others for a running role in 'Glee' Season 3 this summer. "I feel like my confidence is what gives me an edge, it's my passion for the music," Cameron says. "Living out loud to me is truly being yourself, just being who you are. What sets you apart when odds are against you is personality."

Catch Cameron and the other 11 contenders on 'The Glee Project' when it kicks off on Oxygen on June 12.

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