Emily Vasquez, a contestant on 'The Glee Project' who was eliminated on the third episode of the show, is moving in anything but slow motion in the video for her song of the same name. The clubby song is matched by a night-on-the-town video that finds the native New Yorker in a variety of outfits that scream "I wanna hook up." There is nothing wrong with that, as she is young, talented and assertive.

The show is even referenced in the opening sequence, when a friend reminds Vasquez that she hasn't been out since the show. But it feels like a calculated device and a way to name drop 'The Glee Project' into the clip so that people will know how to place her or realize why they might recognize her.

Vasquez is certainly noticed in the club as she cavorts and shakes her booty in this sexed-up and heavily choreographed video. She can sing pop music and dance while she does so, which are qualities necessary for a role on a show like 'Glee.' Oh well! Despite her early elimination, it's onward and upward for Vasquez,  who studied at the Britney Jean Spears School of Pop Music, at least in this video.

Watch Emily Vasquez 'Slow Motion' Video