For California native Lindsay Pearce, singing is a way of life -- which is surprising (and awesome) since she was deaf until she was six-months-old. Now, at 19-years-old, the young hopeful dreams of making it through 'The Glee Project' and earning a slot on the inspirational show, 'Glee.'

"What gives me the edge over my competition I would say is I'm extremely passionate, but I'm not going to cut throats to get there. I feel like an underdog," she admits in her character spot for the show. "I had a really really, really awful high school experience. When I went to a rehearsal for a musical that I was in, everyone just welcomed me with open arms. Performing was my haven. Some people journal, I sing."

Pearce's inescapable memories of high school are the driving reason that she believes 'Glee' is such a great thing for kids that are experiencing the same anguish that she was just a few years ago. "I went through that 'Glee' experience in high school and felt that rejection, and that's why I feel like 'Glee' is so incredible for kids who are in high school to feel that sense of belonging," Pearce encourages. "I swear if I had had a show choir and a teacher that believed in me, my school experience would have been so much better."

Should Pearce push through and survive against her 11 competitors, she might actually get a chance to work with Mr. Schuester and the gang. The winner of 'The Glee Project' earns a 7-episode role in Season 3 of the FOX show.

If anything is going to help this blue-eyed positive force reach her goal, it's her genuine passion. "I believe extremely in what I do," she says. "It's not just performance, it's my heart. I put everything into what I do. I love to make people happy and that's what I feel performing does, it makes me happy and it also makes others happy, so it's a win-win situation."

She adds, "I got this!"

Catch Lindsay Pearce and a slew of other contestants on Oxygen's 'The Glee Project,' which kicks off on June 12.

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