Tonight's episode of 'The Glee Project' brought the final four to their last competition before the winner was announced. PopCrush is once again breaking it down for you before the final four go head-to-head and voice-to-voice. Spoiler alert: No one got voted off and it will be a final four, not a final three. So, Alex, Samuel, Damian and Lindsay all move on.

The heat was cranked to suffocating levels for this penultimate episode. This week's theme was "generosity," and Kevin McHale, who plays Artie on 'Glee,' was the guest mentor.

For the homework assignment, the final four had to sing the classic 'Lean on Me' and McHale gave Lindsay the gold star here since she was believable in connecting with that powerhouse voice of hers.

This week's "wrench" was the fact that the singers had to play instruments in the video for My Chemical Romance's 'Sing.' Since our dreadlocked pal Samuel is the only one who plays instruments, it would appear that he had a distinct advantage. Not so, as you'll find out later.

Samuel was assigned the keyboards, while Lindsay was asked to knuckle down on the guitar. The rhythm section was rounded out by Damian on drums and Alex on bass. Alex quickly admitted he has no idea what a bass looks like, which was like a shot to the heart of bassists and musicians all over the world.

The "generosity" element factored into this episode in that each singer had to work with a "Mini Me" for the video and help them have "their moment" on camera -- what is this, Rebecca Black wielding her influence? Nevertheless, the four miniature versions of the competing singers were from the Education Through Music Los Angeles program, which addresses children affected by music education cuts in schools. Samuel, Alex, Lindsay and Damian were required to help their co-stars perform as best they can.

However, the format changed, as everyone had to sing for Ryan Murphy with co-creator Ian Brennan, so the video was somewhat of a moot point. Alex crooned the soulful, funeral song 'His Eye Is on the Sparrow,' which was also sung at his dad's funeral, making it hit particularly close to home. Damian sang 'I've Gotta Be Me,' but before he did, Murphy said he has the most personality and is the one we root for the most. Lindsay sang 'Defying Gravity,' and Murphy said he always wants to cut her but can't. Samuel, who has Bible verses and Christ's name tattooed on his person, sang 'My Funny Valentine.' He fits Murphy's desire to write for a unique Christian character. Murphy said that Samuel has never had the breakdown that is the "quality" of the show. He's not an underdog, and Murphy even asked him when the last time he cried was. He left the stage saying he wished he was in the final four every week, to carry some sort of "underdog" favor with tough-as-nails Murphy.

There was a group hug before they found out who would not get the call back to compete in next week's final three.

They found out they are a final four. Isn't that sorta cruel on the producers' part, since they all were gnawing on their fingernails and stressed out over whether or not they were staying? Sure, it created drama for the viewers, but probably made the wannabes sick to their stomachs.

Tune in next week for the season finale of 'The Glee Project,' when we find out who will win that guest-starring role.

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