Only six hopefuls remain on 'The Glee Project,' dogging it out for that seven-week guest spot on 'Glee.' PopCrush is here with your trusty recap of tonight's happenings.

The theme was sexuality and the contestants were challenged to act passionate about someone they may or may not be passionate about or attracted to. That’s called acting, and this was probably the most acting-intensive episode. 'Glee' co-creator Ryan Murphy has reminded the hopefuls time and time again that 'Glee' is not just about singing but that it's about acting, too. This episode certainly hammered that point home.

The homework assignment required the contestants to get their sexy on to Madonna's 'Like a Virgin' and the kids brought it for mentors Mark Salling and Ashley Fink, who play Puck and Lauren on the show. The dreadlocked Samuel won, because Salling and Fink felt like he was able to act sexual towards all of his co-competitors, regardless of gender; he brought the sultry with the boys and the girls. Hannah also owned it.

The contestants revisited familiar territory for the video, once again performing a Katy Perry song. This time it was 'Teenage Dream.' The final six were paired up to perform different and unique scenarios that demonstrated their sexuality. However, the minute you try and force being sexy, it's usually not sexy at all, and the contestants were told to be aware of that.

Alex and Samuel were teamed up for a jam session in a garage, where Samuel acknowledged the degree of difficulty for him, since Alex is gay and he is not. "It's my job is to make it believable," Samuel said. Alex said that he is all about his sexuality, so he was happy to get out there and do his thing. Samuel, although straight, certainly showed his commitment and did not shy away despite his personal sexual orientation. He was a total pro.

Damian and Lindsay were joined up as the archetypal jock and cheerleader pairing, while Cameron and Hannah were put in a kitchen scenario for a flirty food fight. Cam knew that it would be all about acting for him, given his Christian beliefs that sex should be reserved for marriage. His personal stances got the best of him and he couldn't cross the line and act as needed by sealing it with a kiss. He stuck to the courage of his convictions.

Hannah's acting got her upstreamed to next week, as did Samuel's. Lindsay being so in character got her a call back, too. Duh. Cameron's refusal to smooch had sent him to a last chance. Alex was too over-the-top, so he had to redeem himself again. Damian had to do a last chance, too, because he didn't cut it like his contestants.

Damian's rendition of 'Danny Boy,' the traditional Irish song, bored Murphy. It was a snoozy version of the song he said he has performed many times before. Murphy asked him why he didn't "fake" it more, since that's acting.

Alex was assigned 'I Will Survive' by Gloria Gaynor, which felt like Murphy stacking the deck against him, since he had to do his last chance performance in the first place because he was a bit too over-the-top in the video. Glo G. would be proud of him, though, since he ripped it. While Alex knocks the "diva stuff" out of the park, Murphy wants to see the other side of him.

Cameron always has some issue with the lessons and assignments, Murphy noted, questioning if he is a singer and not an actor, which is a valid point. He admired Cameron's convictions and said he makes him want to write about more conservative characters on the show. But Cameron actually bowed out and began crying, saying, "Maybe this isn’t for me" after his performance. Murphy asked Cameron to let him make the decision for him, as he is not ready to give up on Cam.

But Cameron already made up his mind and quit, effectively saving Damian, whom Murphy was prepared to send home. Murphy saying that he felt Cameron could have made it to the finals and that he could write a role for him did nothing to deter Cam's decision. He went home.

Now only five remain.

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