Alright, stop, collaborate and listen! With only a handful of contestants left on 'The Glee Project,' -- seven if you're keeping score at home -- the remaining few are challenged to demonstrate their tenacity and ability to hold on and soldier through the grueling pressure of singing, dancing and getting slushied a la 'Glee.' The stakes are higher each week, and you can now cut the competitive spirit with a butcher knife, so PopCrush is here to distill the entire hour of chaos and drama into this all-encompassing recap.

Tenacity was the theme of this week's episode, which entailed passion, persistence and patience -- which guest mentor Max Adler, aka Dave Karofsky of 'Glee,' instilled in the competitors. For the homework assignment, the crew was asked to demonstrate tenacity by performing LaRoux's 'Bulletproof.' Adler made the singers cycle through the song twice, asking them to show him something new that they've yet to do. He said they all brought their "A plus" game, but Marissa won.

This week's video shoot brought the most demanding choreography of the season, and the ultimate, mother of all mash-ups – Queen's 'Under Pressure' and Vanilla Ice's 'Ice Ice Baby.' The video was wet, cold, slushy-filled and forced the singers to rap, which isn't always comfortable for them. Yep, that's what we call pressure! Most of them handled their dose of slushy with poise, except for Cameron, who was complaining about going into a hypothermia-esque coma from slushying. We don't think that the liquid was that cold. Maybe Cameron was just being overly sensitive.

However, we gotta hand it to the 'Glee' hopefuls for being good sports, taking slushies to the face and keeping their footing on sticky floors. It could have been a big, sloppy mess, and to their credit, it wasn't.

Samuel, Damian and Lindsay got their callbacks because they were that good. While Hannah was admittedly challenged in both the recording booth and by the choreography, she gave a great performance and got her callback. How can you not love her? She embodied the episode's theme of tenacity.

Cameron needed to do a second cut, so he had to do a last chance, as did Alex and Marissa. Despite being thrust into their last chances, they were allowed to sing their audition songs.

After the judges labeled Alex "bored" and claimed that he doesn't "pop," he came out in drag as Effie White from 'Dreamgirls' and performed 'And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going.' It was a blow-the-roof-off version where he truly came to life. He didn't get off too easy, though, as the judges asked him why he has been listless lately, pondering if it was homesickness.

Marissa soared through Jill Scott's 'Hate on Me,' and Ryan Murphy said that she is always going to be a performer with "the femme fatale thing,' which to us sounded like a hint about her fate.

Cameron sang his original tune 'Love Can Wait,' rocking his acoustic guitar along with Buddy Holly nerd specs and a cardigan. It was a great rendition, but he was heavily criticized for not being able to be a "one take wonder" with the slushy, which would be problematic if he was on the show, since those slushies to the face require tenacity.

Ultimately, Marissa was not called back, but she was strong about it, saying that just making it onto the show was her biggest hope and that she wasn't a risk taker before but she had to learn to be brave and is a new person.

Only six contestants remain, so tune into Oxygen -- or PopCrush -- next week to see what happens.

Watch a Snippet of the 'Under Pressure / Ice Ice Baby' Video