Gleeks, season six of 'Glee' is well underway, with another slew of songs coming your way this week. Episode four, 'The Hurt Locker, Part One,' features four tracks, including hits from Meredith Brooks and Vanessa Carlton.

But first, here's a sneak peek at this week's storyline. Rachel works with Will to have his team underperform at their invitational. (Uh oh, that does not sound like it'll end well!) Meanwhile, Sue plots to try and throw Rachel off her game. It sounds like a lot of drama is in store for the episode!

As always, the plot will be assisted by some amazing musical numbers. Sue will sing Meredith Brooks' 'Bitch' (um, YES!), Rachel and Sam will perform Vanessa Carlton's 'Thousand Miles,' while Clint & Vocal Adrenaline will sing both the B-52's 'Rock Lobster' and Devo's 'Whip It.'

There's still a couple of days to go until the episode premieres, but you can stream a preview of the music in the player below. Be sure to check back on PopCrush for an exclusive recap, courtesy of one of the Warblers, Rilan!