The Knux detail a day in the life of a party girl in their new video for 'Run,' a rap track with rock leanings that features Kid Cudi.

The video is more or less a literal interpretation of the song's story about an actress who is always on the run. It opens with a shot of a topless young woman in her underwear, lying on a couch. She bolts up after her alarm goes off and rushes to get ready, brushing her teeth while sitting on the toilet to save time.

As the song's opening guitar riff begins playing, viewers see the New Orleans duo, along with Kid Cudi. Footage of their performance of the song is mixed in with clips of the girl, who catches a taxi and arrives late at a photo shoot. After the session, the photographer tries to put the moves on the woman, who storms out in anger.

She heads to a girlfriend's hotel room, where they goof off and do drugs. Then, they grab a cab and head to the club. Jumping out of the taxi without paying, they race inside for a late night of drinking, dancing and more drugs. Coming home at sunrise, the girl passes out on the couch and the story comes full circle. The video ends as it began, with an alarm going off and the party girl waking up in a groggy state to begin a brand new day.

'Run' appears on the duo's latest album, 'Eraser.' Some of the scenes in the video are not safe for work. Take a look at the clip below.

Watch the Knux 'Run' Video Feat. Kid Cudi (NSFW)