The blind auditions of 'The Voice' wound down tonight (Feb. 27) and the coaches continued the trend of being a bit more selective and consorting with each before they turn around those big red space chairs. It's as though they are influencing each other's choices much more this season.

Each coach filled their team tonight - begging and bantering whenever they were fighting over a contestant like a wishbone. The live rounds begin next week, and we can't wait!

PopCrush is happy to provide this handy recap of the final week of blind auditions.

Whitney Myer: She sang 'No One' and all four coaches turned around. Adam Levine said she could win the whole thing, so she chose him as her coach.

Davin Dunn: He sang 'The Man Who Can't Be Moved' and the moment he opened his mouth, the ladies began screaming. He had such a good singer-songwriter's voice and looked like a younger David Boreanaz. The coaches all passed -- they clearly weren't moved -- admitting that their opinions don't matter since the crowd had spoken … loudly. We'll be seeing him again down the road. The coaching panel made a mistake not picking him.

The Shields Brothers:
The duo rocked rather chaotically to Billy Idol's 'Dancing With Myself' because they want to "punch America in the face with rock 'n' roll." Seriously, they said that. That risk-taker known as Cee Lo drafted them for his team.

Cheesa: A gorgeous Hawaiian, Cheesa (pronounced "Chessa") sang Beyonce's 'If I Were a Boy,' starting off in a deeeeeeeep tone but she quickly showed off her range when she hit the chorus. Cee Lo was the only coach who selected her and in her pre-show package, she said she hoped he'd pick her. Serendipity.

Preston Shannon:
Rocking a guitar (with his name embroidered on the strap) and a pin-striped suit, this class act sang 'In the Midnight Hour' with a gospel tone. He is 64, but couldn't get a coach to turn around, despite the panel saying that he is cooler than any of them. He was totally authentic. Nice job, coaches, passing up the real deal such as this. Tsk tsk.Boo! Hiss!

Lex Land: At 24 with classical voice training and a day job as a music camp counselor, Lex Land made all the male coaches turne around for her, but Shelton's mimicry of the post-orgasmic chill got her to choose him.

Orlando Napier: This blues pianist tore up John Mayer's 'Waiting on the World to Change' and was swiftly recruited by Levine. He's a quality, modern and cool bluesman.

Cameron Novack: This self-styled "Jack of All Genres" has a hip-hop project and went to Italy to sing opera. Uh, we were skeptical. But he was fun when he sang Alanis Morissette's 'You Oughta Know' in a weird, breathy style and then rapped. None of the coaches picked him, so he rapped to the judges about the dis. Cee Lo tried to nab him after the fact, which would break the rules. It would have effed with the integrity of the show, so it was no dice.

Lee Koch: He's a baker who wants to be a musician who bakes, not a baker who pursues music. He sang 'Like a Rolling Stone' in a unique tone. Christina picked him once he wailed on the harmonica. It's an odd pairing, but we're glad she picked him because he was one of our favorites and because it'll push her out of her vocal-centric comfort zone and yield something unexpected.

Wade: He sang Amy Winehouse's 'Rehab' in several rich tones. Of course, Cee Lo chose him because of his inflections and improvisation, making the late songstress' signature tune his own. Wade's version sounded like it was a duet, since he used so many different styles. That in and of itself is a marvel.

Adley Stump: This country gal roared through 'Last Night' with country sass and flair. She chose Blake despite Xtina wanting her bad.

Sera Hill:
At 24, she's a diva-in-training, who's passing time working at a hotel. She won Xtina over singing 'I’m Going Down.' Gorgeous and stylish (we loved that fur vest!), she was the last contestant for Team Christina. She made Xtina want to sing with her, and they ended the blind auditions with a duet. Miss Hill is a mini Mary J. with loads of personality. She ascend the ranks to queen bee sooner or later.