Singer Christina Milian is talking about some of the changes for Season 2 of 'The Voice,' one of which is that Milian will be the show's new social media correspondent.

Milian told Wetpaint that her main role will be to interact directly with viewers on Twitter and Facebook. She promises she will be the one posting all the comments, replies, and blog posts on behalf of the show. "Yes! It’s my own fingers doing the typing -- no publicist. I have my Blackberry in hand 24/7. If I’m not carrying the Blackberry, I’m carrying my iPad. And they gave me this tablet from Sprint. I’m on everything you can think of."

She also gets to interview contestants and possibly the coaches for behind-the-scenes videos. "When I do my interviews with everyone, I get to go a little bit deeper," she says. "It’s fun because it’s a little different when I do interviews, because as a musician, people respect me differently, like, 'We’re friends so let’s just talk.'"

Milian confirmed reports that the coaches will perform a Prince medley in one of the early episodes. While Milian isn't a part of that, she does expect to sing at some point during Season 2. "I think I will. At least, that was one of the incentives they gave me when I got onto the show. I was like cool, I’ll do it!"

As previously announced, the show will be bringing in a host of new artists to work as advisers to the teams. The newcomers to the show include highly successful performers Kelly Clarkson, Ne-Yo, Alanis Morissette, Jewel, Robin Thicke, Miranda Lambert, Lionel Richie and Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds.

With the ratings down for 'American Idol,' and with all this additional star power and a primo time slot following the Super Bowl, the stage could be set for 'The Voice' to become the premiere reality singing competition program on television. Season 2 begins on Feb. 5, just after the conclusion of NBC's coverage of the big game.