Psy, the sensation of Asian persuasion who has now secured management with Scooter Braun (who manages Justin Bieber and the Wanted), enjoyed a little dance duet with those Wanted boys at the Avalon in Los Angeles. It was the night before the 2012 VMAs and the boys made the best of it. It was a party before the party!

The always adorbs Jay McGuiness was the one who danced the Gangnam style best, with his bandmate Max George coming in close second with his Psy-style dancing.

Is it us or does Psy's signature Gangnam-style dance look like something male strippers would do? Come on, you know you can picture people tossing crumpled up single bills at someone dancing like this. Don't even try and deny it.

Oh, and a belated "Happy Birthday" to the Wanted's Max George. It was his birthday the day of the VMAs (Sept. 6) so he celebrated with several million of his closet friends.

Big ups to Braun for expanding his management family with another new star-in-the-making. Braun is breaking into the K-Pop scene, for sure.

Watch the Psy 'Gangnam Style' Video