Following in the footsteps of Big Time Rush's Kendall Schmidt and the boys of Emblem3, singer Tiffany Houghton is the latest pop star to take over the PopCrush twitter account.

We're submitting to digital coups left and right and you reap the bennies! Truth be told, we sorta like handing our Twitter feed over to pop stars and letting them interact with their fans and our followers. It's a big pop happy family!

Houghton, who is currently making a splash with her single 'High,' will commandeer the @popcrush Twitter handle at 4:10PM ET on Sept. 18. Start submitting questions which she will answer, with the hashtag #TiffanyatPopCrush.

Get to know Houghton by engaging with her during this Twitter takeover, which is anything but hostile. If you're not online at that time, don't have a cow. We'll publish a transcript of the chat so that you can get to know Tiffany Houghton in the space of 140-characters or less after the fact.

Start thinking about what you'd like to ask her. Get to know her by following her on Twitter here.