Toby Keith is a tried and true country superstar. But his viral smash 'Red Solo Cup,' an ode to tossing one back and enjoying a frosty beverage in a cheap, plastic, throwaway container, was an unexpected hit. It has become a universal anthem among frat boys, bar dwellers, fans at sporting events, little kids who sing along when it comes on the radio, soccer moms and more. It caught on because, well, who hasn't sipped a libation from a red solo cup? Now, it's who hasn't sung along to 'Red Solo Cup?' It's a lighthearted cultural ode.

The song is now headed to pop radio. It's landing just in time for spring break and summer, when plenty of fine young men and women will be sipping beverages in red solo cups with more regularity to cool off during the sweltering months and to help them enjoy the time off from school and work.

Pop music fans should start hearing the song on their favorite radio stations sooner than later and the tune is poised to become an even bigger smash hit.

If you are not yet familiar with 'Red Solo Cup,' then have a look and listen at Keith's performance of the song on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show.' Get to know it now. Play it two or three or 35 times. Learn the lyrics. Sing along. We guarantee that you will be hearing a lot more of it in the coming months. The song has been out for about half a year, but it could be the (party rock) anthem of  the summer of 2012.

You needn't be a country music fan to appreciate this jam.

Watch Toby Keith Perform 'Red Solo Cup' on 'Ellen'