A transgender Fifth Harmony fan has taken to naming herself after one of the group's members, Camila Cabello, and Cabello's reaction was everything. The "Sledgehammer" singer posted a photo on Instagram of herself with Harmonizer Camila Joe, who told Cabello that she had given her the confidence Camila Joe needed to transition. While she was named Joey when she first met Cabello, she decided to change it to Camila Joe after their meeting as an homage to Cabello.

Cabello wrote a caption beneath her photo of the two of them and it was full of encouragement and warmth. She wrote, "the stunning, confident, magical woman standing next to me is named Camila Joe. I met her during a signing last year when her name was "Joey" and she told me I inspired her to have the courage to transition. And right before my eyes, today I saw a beautiful, confident woman (with IMMACULATE EYELINER by the way)."

Cabello went on to talk about how glad she was to inspire Camila Joe to be herself, saying, "She told me she was going to go by the name of Camila Joe and I kinda lost it with excitement. I don't know your Twitter but I just wanted to say how proud I am of you. There's a light in someone's eyes when they become who they want to be. Today you lit up the whole room. I love you darlin. WORK THAT POSE."

We love the positive support that Cabello is offering to Camila Joe and to any other transgender fans who may be struggling with their identity. You can check out the photo of Cabello and Camila Joe above!

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