While touring is the most direct and necessary way for a band to spread the word about its music and does wonders for a career, it sure is hard on a musician's personal life. Gym Class Heroes' video for 'A—Back Home' does a good job of illustrating that point, as singer Travie McCoy is on the road and pining.

At first, we see McCoy in a hotel room, looking pensive. Miles away, his lady love, played by Neon Hitch, who offers a vocal assist on the song, is curled up in a fetal position, against an accent wall that is redder than her flame-hued hair. These two images create tension thick enough to chop with a knife!

Like any band dude with a girlfriend or average Joe or Jane in a long-distance relationship, they try and keep things afloat and try to stay in touch on the phone, but duty often calls and interrupts. McCoy is getting asked by fans for an autograph and photos, pulling his attention away and pissing her off. Oh, the price of fame. That's why she thinks he needs to get his a--- back home.

The Gym Class Heroes frontman is later pictured in the tour bus back lounge before the camera cuts to Neon Hitch, who happens to meet a guy. There is the suggestion that if you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with?

The video has a happy ending, though. Spoiler alert: McCoy sneaks up on Neon Hitch and they embrace. Reunions are fun and this one ends with a hug and a general air of relief!

Watch the Gym Class Heroes 'A--- Back Home' Video Feat. Neon Hitch