We already know that Trey Songz is a ladies man, but who knew that women were literally fighting over this sexy R&B hunk? Actually, we knew, but we wanted to make sure you guys were paying attention.

Anyway, the 'Bottoms Up' singer was caught in the middle of a cat-fight between a group of girls outside of a New York hotspot last week. According to TMZ, Songz was with his lady friend at Juliet Supper Club when she was splashed with a drink after exchanging heated words with a group of girls. Once the drinks started flying then came the fists, recalls club owner Barry Muillineaux, who witnessed the fight.

TMZ has footage of the brawl but we couldn't make any out except for the security team holding Songz back and maybe a little hair pulling by one of the females. Police were not called to the scene and everyone went their separate ways. Case closed.

Songz is hardly worried about this incident, since he is currently on tour in South Africa performing a slew of concert dates. Go figure. In any case, ladies, please, no cat-fighting in the club -- it's so undignified.