Ultraviolet Sound have unveiled the video for their song 'Girl Talk,' and, much like the Perez Hilton-approved band's music, the video is sassy, colorful and attention-grabbing.

The clip starts off as a performance video, with red-haired singer Sarah Hudson wearing an aqua dress with giant eyeballs and a monster face on the front. Meanwhile, her bandmates sport neon colors as they provide drum and keyboard accompaniment.

Hudson takes a close-up in a room full of rainbow-colored streamers as she delivers lyrics about her favorite conversation topics: "At the salon getting my hair done with a fashion magazine / Catching up on gossip and their addiction to shopping."

Midway through, overlapping images appear, creating a psychedelic vibe during the instrumental breakdown. Hudson and Sami Diament engage in robotic dance movements while various frames are rendered to look like colored pencil drawings. In other shots, the performers dress in black and white while wearing metal unicorn heads.

The fun, fashionable visuals fit the song perfectly. Additional pics from the shoot are available on the group's Tumblr page. 'Girl Talk' appears on the duo's self-titled debut album.

Watch the Ultraviolet Sound 'Girl Talk' Video