A former fellow Mickey Mouse Club star is letting the world in on a secret: Christina Aguilera may have been extra hard on Tony Lucca on 'The Voice' because he broke her heart back in the day. As the Bard once said, "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!"

TMZ reports that Dale Godboldo, who starred on MMC with Aguilera and Lucca, thinks Lucca was a bit of a ladies' man back in the day -- and that when he didn't return Aguilera's affections, she held a really big grudge. "Britney was in love with him. Christina was in love with him," he said.

However, the duo never really hit it off during their '90s Mouse House days, and Godboldo believes Aguilera's bruised ego carried on some 20 years later. "All of this [Voice] madness was not brought on by Tony."

Whether or not Godboldo's theory holds water, it does appear that Xtina started the feud, as any viewer could have seen -- from her snide comments to her harsher-than-necessary criticisms since the beginning of the season. She even acted like she didn't remember him at first during his audition, then went back to say "hi" later on. Her attitude caused tension not just with Lucca himself, but also with his coach, Adam Levine.

In any event, Lucca and Aguilera have each apologized for their roles in the drama -- at least to one another. Whether or not Xtina and Levine will be able to mend the huge rift in their professional relationship remains to be seen.

Watch Dale Godboldo Talk About Christina Aguilera + Tony Lucca