The Vamps took on one of summer's biggest hits when they covered Magic!'s 'Rude' at Capital FM. Whether you're a loyal member of the Vamps Family or just a fan of Magic!'s song, we have a feeling you're going to dig this rendition.

The Vamps stay true to the laid-back vibe of the original, with Brad's vocals sounding as good as ever. As the band eases into the chorus, however, they kick the energy level into overdrive, giving 'Rude' a flavor of their signature rock sound.

It also doesn't hurt that the guys sound determine when they vow, "I'm gonna marry her anyway / Marry that girl / Marry her anyway." (We imagine a lot of the Vamps' fans will be swooning after this one!)

We love Magic's original performance of this song, but we give the Vamps major props for making it their own. Check out the Vamps' putting their spin on Magic!'s 'Rude' in the video above!

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