Victoria Justice is the cover girl for the October 2011 issue of Girl's Life magazine. The star of Nickelodeon's 'Victorious' is looking a little bit rock star and a little bit pop songstress on the cover, wearing red jeans and a purple-gray metallic, studded jacket over a vintage band T-shirt.

In the magazine, Justice, 18, spoke about her debut solo album. Not only is Justice singing, but she is also writing many of the songs herself. "I want to write things that really move people, where they go on a journey with me through a song," she tells Girl's Life (via Just Jared Jr.). "I’m writing things that are coming from the heart and about different experiences that I’ve had. I want to really pour my heart and soul into it and give people a sense of who I am."

The 'Best Friend's Brother' songstress also talked about working on her first major film, 'Fun Size,' in which she plays a girl trying to hunt down her weirdo little brother after losing track of him on Halloween. "I’m really excited because I think that a different demographic is going to get to see me in a whole new way," Justice says of the movie, which is set to hit theaters in October 2012. "It’s something I have been looking forward to doing for a while." 'Fun Size' is sure to be hilarious, with Justice starring alongside funny actors like Johnny Knoxville and Chelsea Handler.

Finally, Justice discussed her views on romance and what makes a relationship work. "It never works if one person is holding back. You have to communicate," she explains. "If a person does something that bothers you, you have to let them know and if they’re not willing to change, you need to know when to move on ... It’s the little things, like sending a text message saying 'I miss you' and thoughtful stuff like that. I think that’s what every girl and secretly every guy wants in a relationship anyway."

Hopefully, the hottie from her 'All I Want Everything' video, Dean Stanlard, sees this interview. Maybe her video crush will become her real-life boyfriend if he takes Justice's relationship pointers to heart. She's quite a catch, and she even staged a flash mob performance in his honor! It doesn't get much sweeter than that.

Watch a Behind-the-Scenes Clip From Victoria Justice's Cover Shoot With Girl's Life