When Victoria Justice ended her 'All I Want Is Everything' video with the words, "To be continued...," we knew we hadn't seen the end of the story. Now, she has unveiled a flash mob video designed to be part two of the tale of her pursuit of hottie Dean Stanlard.

The first video ended with Dean giving in to the aggressive, creative wooing efforts of Victoria by agreeing to meet her. Part two begins with her crush walking through an outdoor market area. He's caught off guard by hundreds of screaming fans with signs reading, "All I Want Is Everything."

Justice begins dancing as her song is played over the speakers, and fans rush to join her in a flash mob-style scene. Dean is impressed and gives Victoria a giant hug as the song ends and the fans retreat into the background. They hold hands and walk off to an undisclosed location. Hmm, could this be setting the stage for a part three?

'All I Want Is Everything' appears on the Nickelodeon 'Victorious' soundtrack, which reached No. 5 in August 2011 with around 40,000 copies sold in its first week.

Watch Victoria Justice's Flash Mob Video